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On this site you can find loads of pictures of European trains, with focus on freight trains and old locomotives and trainsets. The pictures are listed per country and then per region, which you can find in the menu left of this text. Most of the pictures on this site are made by the webmaster. The pics until begin 2004 are scans of slides.

"Who are you?"

My name is Derk Luijt and I live in The Netherlands. From a young age, I've been fascinated by trains and in 1989 I made my first train pictures. First I only made slides and as from 2009 I started with digital photography.

"How do you spot the trains?"

Important photography rules for me are "sun in the back" and "train in 30-60 degree angle", as this gives the best and most detailed view of the train. However, the scenery is almost of the same importance as the train. I always try to spot the train for example in a nice landscape, with semaphores, signal houses, station buildings or with other typical elements of the landscape.

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The images on this site are copyright protected, but FREE for personal, home use on your computer. You may not sell these images or include them in any collections for distribution or use them in any form as stock photography or for advertising purposes.

9 new pics Poland - Upper Silesia (part 3)

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3 new pics CZ - Around Prague
2 new pics CZ - Prague-Cercany
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23-12-18:25 new pics in several Germany sections

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Eye-catcher 33: The Netherlands: Railexperts 1251

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